Decision Aids

Making decisions about your medical care can be overwhelming. It is important to make sure that you have heard all your options.

Decision aids help you to sit down with your doctor or health care provider and talk about what treatments and procedures may be best for you. They can help you, your family, and your doctors understand what is the best choice for you.

At the MaineHealth Cancer Resource Center we can help support you when you are making these important decisions.

General Resources

Ottawa Personal Decision Guide
Need help making a decision? This tool can help you figure out what you need to make your decision and plan your next steps.

Breast Cancer Decision Aids:

Should I have breast-conserving surgery or a mastectomy for early stage cancer?

Should I have breast reconstruction after surgery?

Should I have chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Risk: Should I have BRCA Gene Test? 

Breast Cancer: What should I do if I am high risk? 

A Patchwork of Life: One Woman’s Story
For Women Making Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions

Baylor College of Medicine

Cervical Cancer Decision Aids:

Pap test: Should I have colposcopy if my Pap test shows minor cell changes? 

Colon Cancer Decision Aids:

Colon Cancer: which screening test should I have? 

Prostate Cancer Decision Aids:

Prostate Cancer Screening: Should I have a PSA test?

Prostate Cancer Screening: A Decision Guide
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Prostate Cancer Screening: Should you get a PSA test?
Mayo Clinic

Prostate Cancer: Should I have radiation or surgery for localized prostate cancer?


Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer: Which treatment should I have for stage 1 seminoma testicular cancer after my surgery?

Testicular Cancer: Which treatment should I have for stage I nonseminoma testicular cancer after my surgery?