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Yin Yoga

May 01, 201311:00AM - 12:00PM

The Yin approach to yoga is based on self-compassion and softness. It is not strenuous and very little strength is involved in doing the poses. Yin yoga stimulates the meridians and organs in a manner that is similar to acupuncture. Many people have experienced loss of stiffness and pain as a result of Yin yoga. There are no standing poses; poses are seated or prone and are held for five minutes with a focus on the breath. Come and give it a try.

Oncology Event TypeMind and Body Classes

Registration Date

CitySouth Portland

Zip Code04106

Contact Phone Number207-774-2200


Event StatusOpen

Street Address778 Main St. (Rte 1)


Contact NameCancer Community Center

Web SiteCancer Community Center


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